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over 33+ million annual visitors

With over 33+ million visitors to our venues each year, we are place based media experts. We are sure to provide a solution to impact and attract your target audience.

Our indoor advertising venues target audiences where they are most captive. Thanks to advances in technology, OUT-OF-HOME (OOH) Advertising is stepping up to the next level, getting even more specific with demographics, of not only where, but when.

DUTCH MEDIA has monitors throughout Saskatchewan and in both Alberta and British Columbia.

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our venues

33+ million

annual visitors


indoor venues


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indoor advertising venues

Our indoor advertising venues target audiences where they are most captive!

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Our experienced and knowledgeable team will provide you research and analysis on the medium, prior to making a decision on your campaign execution. We will walk you through our network to identify the locations necessary to build a successful out of home campaign. Then, if you are looking to us for your creative execution – we walk you through the process of creating an ad that will speak to your target audience and assist you in developing effective key messaging and visual creative for your campaign.

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